13-year-old in desperate need of 2nd kidney transplant; family makes plea for donor

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Friday, September 10, 2021
13-year-old in desperate need of 2nd kidney transplant
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A family whose 13-year-old son needs a new kidney pleads for help in finding a transplant donor.

NORCO, Calif. (KABC) -- In 2010, little Amarion was the victim of a drive-by shooting. In death, he saved the life of Dan and Soha Sjostrom's youngest son Emri, who was suffering from kidney failure and on dialysis. The Sjostroms say they are indebted to Amarion and his family.

Now 11 years later, 13-year-old Emri desperately needs a new kidney once again.

"Recently my kidney function has been decreasing. It's probably 17 maybe 16% right now," said Emri.

As a typical teenager, Emri excels in school, loves music and video games. And he has big dreams for the future.

"I think being a writer would be fun," said Emri.

But the 8th grader's circumstances have forced him to grow up much faster than other kids his age and miss out on the things we often take for granted.

"He went to school one day, and he was so excited. He loved his school. He loved his classes. He started meeting people. But then the day after, he got sick," said Soha Sjostrom, Emri's mom.

"I'm tired all the time. I feel sick, nauseous. My body hurts all the time," said Emri. "I'd love a new kidney."

Emri is getting ready to go back on dialysis and will soon re-enter the kidney transplant list. His Norco family hopes he can find a match, a kidney that could last him 20 years.

"I'm hoping that people will find out that there's other people like him, whether they're children or adults, whose lives will be changed if people are willing to come and donate," said Soha Sjostrom.

If you want to get tested to donate, you can reach out to Loma Linda University Health. For more information, visit www.lluh.org/transplant-institute or call (800) 548-3790.