LA nonprofits help young mother struggling with addiction turn life around

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Friday, September 8, 2023
Young mother turns life around with help of LA nonprofits
Two local nonprofits joined forces to help a young mother overcome personal struggles and turn her life around.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Two local nonprofits joined forces to help a young mother overcome personal struggles and pursue her goals.

Addiction derailed her life, but today Jakura Miles is a new woman.

Jakura's second chance started 13 months ago when she stepped inside the L.A. Mission.

"The day I came to the mission my son wrote me a letter. He said 'Please Mom, stay in the program,' so that gives me so much motivation," she said.

Miles put her dreams for school on hold after an unexpected pregnancy. Then following the birth of her son, drugs entered her life.

"She got involved with the wrong crowd and ended up losing custody of her son," said Zack Ament, 2nd Chance Mission president.

She has been working for the past year to overcome her addiction and live a sober life.

"She's done therapy, she's worked with her family, she's encompassed a lot of different things," said Roxanne Jordan, L.A. Mission senior vice president of programs.

"I feel like a new woman. I feel like God is showing me the beauty of life," said Miles.

Miles is working toward new goals: To regain custody of her son and go back to school for a career as a family therapist.

However, the road to recovery isn't easy. Miles needed a laptop for her online courses. That's where the 2nd Chance Mission stepped in to help.

The 2nd Chance Mission is dedicated to helping people like Jakura. And for Jakura it's a helping hand she hopes to offer others someday when she fulfills her dream of becoming a therapist.

"It's OK to maybe fall, but make sure you get back up and keep going and try again because you never know what your potential is," she said.