Special needs student running for homecoming king at Lancaster High School

LANCASTER, Calif. (KABC) -- Special needs high school student Teldrick Albrecq is running for homecoming King at Lancaster High School and he feels great about his chances.

Teldrick Albrecq says it feels good to run, as he holds one of the many posters he's plastered around the school running an aggressive campaign.

His adoptive mother Kim Albrecq says she's just super proud and also so blessed to have the high school work with them like this.

From elementary school to high school for Kim Albrecq and Teldrick, it's been a journey.

Kim was Teldrick's teacher in elementary school. She fell in love with this inspiring young man becoming his foster parent before adopting him.

Even nursing him back to health after he became deathly ill from a diabetic episode. With tears, Kim says life with her son has been a journey - a journey filled with blessings, a journey bringing Teldrick and his adoptive mother closer than ever.

Kim says her son calls her love and that makes her feel like a million bucks everyday.

Teldrick has the same affect on educators at his high school.

Lancaster High School counselor Jeff Anderson says he thinks Teldrick's chances of being crowned homecoming king are excellent.

For his mom, Teldrick is already a winner bringing a joy to her life that she didn't know existed until he brightened her life with abundant love and pure joy.

Kim says adopting her son was the absolute best decision she's ever made, and it always will be.

Teldrick will find out if he is crowned homecoming king at Lancaster High's homecoming football game Friday night. Wish this incredible young man luck.
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