Mexico's celebration cry resonates with younger generations fighting for social justice

LOS ANGELES -- Mexico's Día de la Independencia, or Independence Day celebrates the "cry of independence," which dates back to 1810.

The Cry of Dolores was a call to action by Father Hidalgo who rallied the people to call for the end of Spanish rule, racial equality, social justice for all, and redistribution of land. The famous cry ignited the Mexican War of Independence.

We spoke with Chicano, an Assistant Professor Stevie Ruiz with California State University Northridge about what "El Grito" signifies for younger generations today. Frank Rojas, a USC graduate student, says this year's holiday has taken on a more meaningful celebration.

"I don't think we were listening before," said Rojas. Both Ruiz and Rojas believe Mexican Independence Day should serve as a reminder of what can be done when we unite for social justice.