15-year-old Santa Clarita girl makes history at world kickboxing competition

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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Santa Clarita teen makes history at world kickboxing competition
Logan Dino, a 15-year-old Santa Clarita girl, made history - twice - at a world kickboxing competition.

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (KABC) -- A 15-year-old Santa Clarita girl has made history -- twice -- at a world kickboxing competition.

Logan Dino is a practitioner of Savate, a combat sport. She is the first U.S. champion at the Youth Savate Kickboxing World Championship.

According to the U.S. Savate Federation, she was a part of the first U.S. youth group to compete in the sport for the youth world title. Logan was the first U.S. youth gold medalist for competing in the French kickboxing sport.

"We went to compete in Slovenia," Logan said in an interview. "That was when we won the gold. I fought against this girl from Britain, and I won."

Her father, Max Dino, said he "was proud of her when she just walked into the ring in Slovenia. She hadn't even fought yet. My heart was just overflowing with pride."

Logan has been practicing self-defense since she was 4 years old. Part of that was learning Savate, a combat sport that uses foot-fist percussion.

"Savate is considered the ballet of kickboxing -- defense with your arms and legs," said Joann Wabisca, president of the U.S. Savate Federation. "You're evading kicks, you're evading strikes. It's about evading things, not to take on full blows."

Logan said that as soon as she heard about the world competition, she doubled her training and even traveled to France to practice.

"Some of my favorite trainings would be hypothermic training, which was swimming in a cold pool," she said.

Logan and her team are now training for the 2025 world competition. The U.S. Savate Federation is trying to get the sport into the Olympics.

"In the future I do hope to compete more -- if the opportunity comes, of course," Logan said. "And with the Olympics, we'll see where it goes from there."

"I still think of her as my little girl," her father said. "I am just amazed at what she did."