99-year-old golfer keeps on swinging in Long Beach

Thursday, January 23, 2020
99-year-old golfer keeps on swinging in Long Beach
Meet 99-year-old golfer, Evelyn Haesloop, who played the most rounds at Recreation Park Golf Course in Long Beach in 2019.

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Evelyn Haesloop might be 99-years-old, but not much can stop her from getting in her three rounds of golf every week.

"Not many people have that much energy to keep going," said Haesloop. "I think age is just a number."

Haesloop was born in Long Beach and raised in Canada. She picked up golf when she and her husband moved back to Southern California in the 1950's.

"There weren't a lot of women on the golf course," she said. "But, since then, there have been more women's groups."

Haesloop said she plays golf to socialize with her friends, who she calls family.

"Evelyn is 99 years old, working on her 100th year on the planet, she golfs three times a week, she just got her drivers license again," said friend and fellow golfer, Ann Burke. "She is an inspiration."

Haesloop was recognized at Little Recreation Golf Club for playing the most rounds in 2019. She joined the club in 1975, making her the longest-serving member at the club.

Club President Joyce Ricci said that Evelyn accounts her long life to eating well, socializing, avoiding stress and a shot of Canadian Club whisky at night.

When asked how long she plans to keep playing golf, Evelyn chuckled and said, "as long as I can."

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