Best spots to explore in Long Beach, as recommended by locals

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Best spots to explore in Long Beach, according to locals
Long Beach residents share what they love most about the diverse community, plus take us to some of their favorite neighborhood spots.Long Beach residents share what they love most about their community, their best experiences and some of their favorite spots to visit.

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- We headed out to Long Beach where locals shared what they love and enjoy most about the beach city.

"I love my city Long Beach. So to me when I think of Long Beach I think of family and community. As a photographer, it welcomes just a variety of places to capture the beauty of this city," said Greg Sabo, a Long Beach resident. "It's got that kind of old town, you know, family vibe kind of feel to it."

Everyone we spoke to in Long Beach seemed to agree there's plenty of activities to explore and places to visit.

"You never get bored in Long Beach. There's always something to do. There's always something going on," said Diane Eisenstein. "If you feel like exploring a different kind of cuisine ... we have a great Cambodia town. That's something that you don't find everywhere."

Long Beach resident Crystal Yee expressed how her hometown is a diverse, multicultural area with fun spots for all to discover even if you're not from the neighborhood.

"A couple of my favorite spots is the Nature Center. There's an awesome two mile nature walk with beautiful flowers in the spring. It's in El Dorado Park, and I've been going there since I was a kid," said Yee. "It's actually voted like top five in Southern California but a lot of people they don't know about it."

Watch the video to see more places recommended by Long Beach residents!