Councilmember Paul Koretz's final message to protesters: 'I yield the rest of my time and f--- you'

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Saturday, December 10, 2022
Councilmember Paul Koretz's ends farewell speech with shocking message
Koretz, a typically lowkey council member, ended his speech by repeating the words of an angry public commenter: "I yield the rest of my time and [expletive] you."

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Councilmember Paul Koretz delivered a shocking final message to protesters during his farewell speech at his final City Council meeting on Friday.

"It's been a tough last two and a half years,'' said Koretz, who lost his recent bid for city controller and has represented Los Angeles' 5th District since 2009. "I sometimes think: Thank God I'm out of here.' And the rest of the time, I think I'm really think I'm going to miss this, and everything that we could accomplish.''

Then, Koretz -- a typically lowkey council member -- ended his speech by repeating the words of an angry public commenter who gained fame in June 2020 while addressing the Los Angeles Police Commission.

"I would just say lastly, to the disruptors and protesters who have done their best to make it difficult for us to do our work in the last two and a half years, in their words: I yield the rest of my time and [expletive] you,''' Koretz said.

Fellow council members and staffers around the horseshoe broke out in raucous applause and laughter.

"I didn't warn Gail (his wife) or anyone else that I was going to say that,'' Koretz said.

Council President Paul Krekorian then encouraged Koretz to do a mic drop.

"Koretz out,'' Krekorian said. "I've been surprised by a lot of things in my times in the chamber. I don't know if I've ever been as surprised as at what I just heard.''

Protesters have regularly shown up at meetings demanding that Kevin de Leon and Gil Cedillo resign before the city conducts its business.

City News Service, Inc. contributed to this report.