LAPD holds fundraiser for officer and wife, both diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

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Thursday, December 15, 2022
LAPD holds fundraiser for officer and wife, both diagnosed with cancer
In a show of support for an LAPD officer and his wife, who were both diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, the agency held a fundraiser for the family.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In a show of support for a Los Angeles Police Department officer and his wife, who were both diagnosed with stage 4 cancer earlier this year, the agency on Wednesday held a fundraiser where a check for $10,000 was donated to the family.

At the Elysian Park Police Academy, the fundraising event was marked by food, music, fun and a lots of heart as the law enforcement community gathered in support of LAPD Officer Michael Tomelloso, his wife, Laura, and their family.

Laura Tomelloso has colon cancer. Her husband has throat cancer. They are both in their early 50s and have two sons, ages 11 and 14.

"The emotion comes from being a wife and mother myself," LAPD Sgt. Jeanna Quinones told ABC7. "I can't image what the Tomellosos are going through."

The family is dealing with the fight of their lives and their law enforcement brothers and sisters are embracing them in their darkest hour.

As Laura and Michael Tomelloso focus on fighting for their lives, their Los Angeles Police Department family, along with many others, are stepping in to help with the financial battle.

"We're trying to help make the holidays less stressful for them," Quinones said. "We're trying to let them focus on the future and getting treatments that are not covered by insurance, that way they don't have to worry about losing their house and all of their savings in order to stay alive."

Officers wanted to provide any donations they could to support them, but also wanted to give them something else.

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A Los Angeles police officer and his wife have both been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, prompting an outpouring of support for them and their children.

A check for $10,000 for the Tomelloso family was presented at the event.

"First all of all I want to welcome every man and woman from the LAPD that's here today, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said. "Thank you for taking the time to come here to show your support. Dig in your pocket a little bit, get some good barbecue, but most importantly showing love and your support for this family that is going through such a tremendous ordeal."

Due to their medical conditions, Michael and Laura Tomelloso were unable to attend the event in their honor.

Quinones said the Tomelloso family would appreciate prayers and the community can donate through the GoFundMe page that was set up for them.

"Any amount, no matter what it is, is helpful," Quinones said. "There's no amount that's too small."