Future of transportation on display at LA CoMotion Festival

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Technology and transportation innovators believe the future of urban transportation is driverless vehicles.

John Rossant of the new cities foundation gathered the top transportation innovators from around the world in L.A. this week for the LA Comotion Festival. He said this is the beginning of the mobility revolution.

"The traffic jams on the 10 or the 405, in 10 years, 15 years, they will be a thing of the past. Can you imagine L.A.? If it's a wonderful city now, it will be amazing," Rossant said.

On display in the arts district - autonomous vehicles. There was a shuttle by Transdev. It uses lasers to detect objects around the vehicle and no driver is needed.

The company said it's not meant to replace public transportation, but help you get from your house to transportation hubs. There's also the latest in electric scooters like a three-wheeler from Immotor. It folds up so it can be rolled easily once you get on the bus or metro. It retails for just under $1,500.

Let's not forget the robot Gita. It's meant to help you transport goods, carrying up to 45 pounds, and follow you wherever you go. Organizers said there's no better city than Los Angeles to host an event like this.

"With $120 billion that the metro is going to be spending on public transit, that we see automakers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups come here and really use this as their laboratory," said Matt Peterson, the CEO of the L.A. Cleantech Incubator.

If you're interested in driving an autonomous vehicle or checking out the next electric bike or scooter, you can! The festival is open and free to the public on Saturday and Sunday.
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