Bay Area woman says someone took items, including underwear, from lost luggage after traveling from LAX to SFO

ByMelanie Woodrow KGO logo
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
EXCLUSIVE: Bay Area woman says some took items from lost luggage
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A Bay Area woman says she feels violated after flying home from a trip to Italy. She says someone went through her and her boyfriend's bags and took a lot of personal items.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Lauren Del Barto says she and her boyfriend loved their 10 day Italy vacation.

"Amazing," said Del Barto.

But those feelings began to dwindle when they returned to SFO and found out their bags missed a Los Angeles connecting flight.

Del Barto spoke with a Delta Airlines employee who told her a delivery service called Roadie would bring the couple their bags once they arrived.

"They said that Roadie is their partner, that it's almost like an Uber for delivery," said Del Barto.

Through a link, Del Barto was able to track the Roadie driver's location.

"So I started checking the app and throughout the night as it became later and later in the morning on Saturday the bags were in Hayward with the driver they hadn't moved," said Del Barto.

Del Barto says Roadie support told her they couldn't reach the driver by text or phone call. She says Roadie later told her the bags were in San Francisco and that another driver would drop them off.

"Immediately I noticed my bag was a little bit open," said Del Barto.

"My makeup bag was completely empty, clothes, tops, dresses were all gone, purses and all of my bras and underwear were also missing," said Del Barto.

Del Barto says her boyfriend's bag was also missing shoes and clothing.

"You feel violated," said Del Barto.

"The rest of the stuff can be replaced eventually but the bras and the underwear is the most disturbing," she continued.

Del Barto says more than $5,000-worth of items are gone.

In an email to Del Barto, Delta Customer Care says it expects the delivery service to maintain the same high standards required of its own people. Delta offered Del Barto a $75 voucher.

"I want the money for all the items that are missing from our bags," said Del Barto.

In an emailed statement to ABC7's sister station ABC7 News, a Delta Spokesperson writes, "Though it's rare that we mishandle bags, when we do, we always want them to be reunited with customer in the condition we received them. We are sorry for this customer's experience and are working with our vendor to understand what occurred to ensure it does not happen again."

In an emailed statement to ABC7 News, a Roadie Spokesperson writes, "We are sincerely sorry for the experience Ms. Del Barto has had. Our customer care team spoke with Ms. Del Barto seven times over a 12-hour period about her delayed bags and when she emailed our CEO on Saturday, he called her in less than an hour to apologize and personally address her concerns. We want to reassure Ms. Del Barto that her driver's background check revealed no criminal history and that we will cooperate fully with local law enforcement as the facts in the case become clear."