Lynwood marijuana business gets state approval

LYNWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- State regulators issued temporary licenses to 20 marijuana businesses, which will be able to operate legally beginning Jan. 1.

At the top of the list is Jordan Lams, CEO of Moxie, which will refine marijuana plants into high grade cannabis extract in Lynwood.

"We focus on trying to bring consistency to the products in a world that hasn't had access to a consistent supply chain," Lams said.

He was awarded licenses for both medicinal and adult recreational use marijuana. He said it took two years of lobbying, multiple reviews and community support from the city to win approval.

In return, Lynwood gets a better tax base.

"At the beginning they were thinking it would be a couple million dollars anywhere up to potentially tens of millions of dollars," Lams said.

Construction for a 45,000 square foot operation is underway, but it will not be a pot shop. Moxie will cultivate, manufacture and distribute a liquid essence, which some users call "liquid gold."

The concentrate is typically used in vaping. Lam's goal is to sell it to licensed retailers and distributors all over the state.

Lams vision began after his younger sister, Aria, died of leukemia.

"When you see someone you love go through tremendous suffering, you really will do anything that you can to bring them relief," he said.

He estimates the wholesale cost of the concentrate will be $25 per gram for the lowest grade and $50 per gram for the highest.

State regulators said all the new licensee must still pass background checks. Lams anticipates many bumps on the regulatory road since marijuana is outlawed on the federal level.

Law enforcement and public health agencies have expressed opposition.

But Lams believes structured regulation can change the culture.

"We know that if it's done correctly that it can prove to everyone that this is something we should have," he said.
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