Manhattan Beach: Locals share what they love most about the coastal community

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Manhattan Beach: Locals share what they love about the community
Manhattan Beach residents share their go-to places in the neighborhood, plus why everyone can enjoy the beautiful coastal town.Manhattan Beach residents share their go-to places throughout the neighborhood, such as Ercoles Burgers, The Fish Bar and Simmsy's. Plus, the longtime locals encourage everyone to visit and enjoy their beautiful coastal town.

Manhattan Beach, Calif. (KABC) -- Locals from the beautiful coastal community of Manhattan Beach tell us what makes their city so special.

"I've been blessed. It's a very special place," said Melissa Clinton, a 20-year resident of Manhattan Beach. "I adore the city. We moved for the school and I have to say the schools have delivered."

"One of the wonderful things about Manhattan Beach is the walkability to our downtown area. We have lovely specialty boutiques, we have fantastic restaurants, something for everyone," said Lee Hoven-Bakos. "We're very, very lucky to have this tight knit little community supporting."

Paul Towers is a local photographer who has been living in Manhattan Beach since 1998.

"There's definitely no place like it in the world. We have some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world," said Towers. "It's just really great to see locals and tourists alike, partaking in these beautiful sunsets and really enjoying the natural scenery that we have here."