Billionaire, activist Tom Steyer urges participation in LA's March for Science

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- NextGen Climate founder and billionaire Tom Steyer has urged for participation in the March for Science on Saturday.

The consequences of climate change were depicted Steyer's television ads for the presidential election. Steyer envisions a return to choking smog and natural disasters under President Donald Trump's relaxed environmental regulation.

"I never thought in the United States of America that we would have to have a protest on behalf of truth, on behalf of science, on behalf of rational analysis," he said.

In Santa Barbara Monday, protesters greeted Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke who was there to explain the president's plan to expand offshore oil drilling.

"This is an administration that is funded by the oil and gas companies to lie," Steyer said.

As a candidate, the president vowed to withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate agreement to reduce greenhouse gasses. Although the president has since reportedly softened his stance, Steyer receives little comfort.

"If you look at whose he appointed to every energy related position, if you look at the proposed budget, if you look at the things they've done by executive action, they are making (an) absolute direct, frontal attack on environmental protection," Steyer said. "They are in full climate denial."

The March for Science predicts a massive turnout nationwide as marches will be held in 400 cities in the U.S. In Los Angeles, the march will begin at 9 a.m. at Pershing Square and will move to Los Angeles City Hall.
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