Marina City Club Towers residents concerned about building following Florida condo collapse

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Saturday, July 3, 2021
Marina Del Rey residents concerned about building after FL collapse
In the wake of the deadly Florida condominium building collapse, some residents of a condo building in Marina Del Rey are worried about the property.

Responding to resident safety concerns heightened by the deadly building collapse in Florida, L.A. County inspectors took a close look at a Marina Del Rey condo complex and determined it is safe but in need of repairs.

"I'm very concerned. I can't sleep at night, I'm scared," says resident Teri Hirano.

Residents of Marina City Club Towers, which includes 600 condos, say they've seen problems in the complex's three buildings over the years.

The complex was built back in the 1970s and residents says it needs repairs.

A report for the condo owners association back in April said it's "in need of significant repairs" and certain areas are in "poor condition."

Hirano says that doesn't surprise her.

"They just keep letting it go and when you let it go the cement falls exponentially," she said.

Residents say they called Building and Safety and the office of L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn to look at the building. Inspectors on Thursday checked out the complaints.

"Building and safety will be making an inspection of the structures. This is not an unusual thing when we get a resident complaint, and we'll be looking at the engineering," said Steven Frasher with L.A. County Public Works.

Hahn said building inspectors met with the homeowner's associated to address some of the specific areas of concern.

2018 report pointed out 'major structural damage' at Miami condo before collapse

In a structural field service report from 2018, engineers pointed out the evidence of flooding, cracking and corrosion in the building.

"I'm very concerned about what happened in Florida and I definitely want this place to be in good shape," said resident Robin Thayer.

For some, the big concern is can any repairs be done quickly and safely and how much will it cost.

"They told us that they have to change all the pipes and that each tenant has to pay $100,000 for it. That's what they said like six months ago," said one resident who didn't give her name.

"If they find something that warrants more structural engineering assessment, we'll do that," Hahn added.

Mark Pestrella, Director of L.A. County Public Works, issued the following statement, which reads in part: "Los Angeles County Public Works, Building and Safety, completed its visual structural inspection of Marina City Towers today. Each of the three towers were given a full visual inspection of all parking structure floors and corresponding decks making up the support levels of each structure.

Inspectors found no situations that would require emergency action or immediate impact to tenants. Several areas were noted where repair and maintenance is required and these findings were communicated to Marina City Club building management. A written report will follow next week."