Small businesses in Granada Hills stay alive through personal service and loyal customers

Two Granada Hills owners remain in business after 25 years by offering custom repairs and personalized service.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2023
Small businesses in Granada Hills offer old fashioned personal service
Owners of May Shoe Repair and Paul's TV Co have been in business for more than 25 years in Granada Hills thanks to their craftsmanship and old fashioned customer service.

GRANADA HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- May Shoe Repair and Cleaners is one of the few small businesses left in Granada Hills that offers custom repairs and personalized service.

"We repair shoes, we repair purses, jackets, luggage. We do dry cleaning and alterations," said May Shoe Repair and Cleaners owner Yanni Karapetyan.

Karapetyan was a cobbler in Armenia before coming to the United States. He started his business in 1997.

"I repair shoes when they're broken or if they need alterations on shoes or boots," said Karapetyan.

Karapetyan still works with vintage machines from the 1950s but says they are still in great condition and get the job done.

"Any issue or any problem I've had with my shoes whether they're dirty or I scuffed them up the night before or whether they just need to be attended to, I bring them to him," said customer Harlan Morgan.

His business has slowed down a bit over the last few years, but Karapetyan is thankful for his loyal customers who appreciate his craftsmanship and skill. And he hopes word of mouth will help his business stay afloat.

"I'm going to try another 20 to 25 years," Karapetyan said.

Paul's TV Co is another business in Granada Hills that has been serving customers since 1951.

It's one of the oldest businesses on Chatsworth Street.

"We're still here, we're still surviving and we're helping our community," said Sergey Kovalenko, owner of Paul's TV Co.

Kovalenko took ownership of the business in 2000 and offers a variety of repair services including televisions, VCRs, and DVD players.

"We can fix anything, power outlet wire, a lamp, cable and hardware," Kovalenko said.

Kovalenko says many people now just buy new electronics instead of having the ones they already own repaired, which means he's seeing fewer customers.

"Unfortunately, many people choose to recycle their units instead of repairing them. By extending the life of our electronics, we can reduce e-waste and reduce our electronic impact," Kovalenko said.

Kovalenko hopes his old fashioned service and the expertise will help keep the business running for years to come.

"I would like to keep going another 28 years to make sure I celebrate 100 years on Chatsworth Street."

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