Two men beat, rob victim of watch at shop on Melrose Avenue staff KABC logo
Friday, February 2, 2024
Man violently assaulted, robbed of watch on Melrose
On video, two men viciously beat the victim inside a salon on Melrose and take his watch before running away.

FAIRFAX DISTRICT, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Police are asking for the public's help tracking down one of two suspects - and the victim - in a vicious beating and robbery caught on camera on Melrose Avenue.

The video shows a victim followed into a salon business in the 8200 block of Melrose Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

The victim is seen being thrown to the ground and chased through the salon by one suspect, who continues to assault and pistol-whip the victim in an effort to get his watch.

Eventually a second suspect runs into the store and together they manage to strip off the victim's watch and then run away.

Police say the two suspects fled the scene in a white 2014 Toyota Corolla. The victim left the scene before officers arrived.

The LAPD says Riverside County Sheriff's Department deputies later stopped the 2014 Corolla in Moreno Valley. They arrested and booked for robbery a man believed to be the second suspect in the robbery, identified as Demetri Sherman.

Police are still hoping to find the victim of the watch robbery.

Anyone with information is asked to call LAPD detectives at (213)922-8215 or provide anonymous information to Crime Stoppers at (800)222-TIPS.