Holiday movie 'Migration' flies high with comedy, fun for entire family

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Saturday, December 23, 2023
Holiday movie 'Migration' offers comedy, fun for entire family
"Migration" introduces us to the Mallards, a family of ducks who decide to leave their familiar New England pond for their first family vacation. But they get lost and wind up in New York City.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Once the shopping, the wrapping, the cooking, the eating is all finished, how do you spend the holiday with the family? How about a movie that appeals to all ages?

The animated adventure, "Migration," introduces us to the Mallards. They're a family of ducks, who all decide to leave their familiar New England pond for their first family vacation.

But these are new "travelers." They get lost on the way to the Caribbean and wind up in New York City.

Elizabeth Banks plays Pam, the adventurous mother duck. Kumail Nanjiani plays Mack, the anxious father duck.

"It's a pretty simple story, like get from A to B, and then all of the shenanigans and fun that happened, and all of the relatable family dynamics in the middle of that, you know. I think that's what makes this movie right for families at this time of year," said Banks.

Nanjiani said he relied on his co-star for "faux" parental support. He said she brought her mom energy to the role.

"I had to act, I had to pretend like I had kids," laughed Nanjiani.

The Mallards' directional difficulties has them cross paths with a variety of other high-flying characters, including a street smart, New York City pigeon played by Queens native, Awkwafina.

"It's the honorary bird of New York. So I was very, very happy to play her," said Awkwafina.

There's also Keegan-Michael Key, who plays Delroy, a Jamaican parrot who had been a caged pet and desperately wants to return home.

"The fact that he spends the majority of the film in this very joyful place. It was something that I really liked," said Key. "The fact that he gets, that I get to live in that space with him was really a lot of fun."

Both Awkwafina and Keegan-Michael are known for their stand up and improv skills. And both were given the opportunity to use those skills in "Migration." Occasionally, they pushed the comedy a little too far.

"Migration" is in theaters now.