100th Anniversary Miss America is first to represent Alaska and Korean-American community

Have you met Miss America 2022 Emma Broyles?
In nearly a century, the Miss American organization had never had a winner representing Alaska, or the Korean-American community. Emma Broyles is now the first Miss America representing in both categories. Broyles, from Anchorage, Alaska, studies in biomedical sciences at Arizona State University as a preliminary degree to medical school with the goal of becoming a dermatologist.

"This was such a special win for me. First, being the 100th Anniversary Miss America means a lot to me," said Broyles. "I was really, really special to have my crowning moment with so many Miss Americas standing on stage with me. It was special to get to feel all that history that surrounds the Miss America organization."

"It definitely is kind of nerve-wracking to feel that weight on my shoulders, carrying the organization into the next 100 years," added Broyles. "But it's really, really an honor to get to hold the title of Miss America."

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