Monrovia Canyon Park braces for more potential damage with another storm coming

MONROVIA, Calif. (KABC) -- The powerful storm that swept through Southern California last week nearly wiped out a Monrovia park, and now officials are bracing for more potential damage with another round of rain coming this week.

Monrovia Canyon Park was decimated as burn areas from last year's Bobcat Fire couldn't contain running mud, debris and massive boulders from rushing down trails.

The park closed before that storm. Now the 80-acre city park with trails and waterfalls, plus a nature center and cabins for events is closed indefinitely.

The storm also caused a water main break in the park, and falling boulders led to extensive damage.

"The ground up here is unstable after the fire. There are a lot of areas we're concerned about, obviously, with the rain coming up," said Brian Patrick, Monrovia Fire's division chief. "Our concern is the safety of the public and that's why the park will be closed indefinitely."

The news is disappointing for those who love coming to the park.

"This being Christmas break for our kids we wanted to come up and take advantage of the trails and hike to the waterfalls," said park visitor Mark Carson. "It's disappointing that we can't do it."

City officials are now bracing for what kind of damage this week's storm could bring.

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