'Moon Knight' sees Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke tackle dark, twisted, mysterious characters in MCU

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- "Moon Knight" is the latest series to launch into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Disney+ adventure thriller takes us into a slightly darker, more twisted direction, and introduces us to a brand new cast of Marvel characters.

"Moon Knight" is one of several identities of Marc Spector, a man who has dissociative identity disorder. Oscar Isaac plays this man of many personas.

"It was a scary exciting challenge, which was one of the elements that made this such an attractive project to be a part of," said Isaac. "I had the opportunity to create a very unique character, and also the counterpoint to that character. This was an opportunity to play with the tone. There's elements of horror, adventure, kind of 'Indiana Jones' style; there's a real psychological thriller. And there's some real dramatic heft to it because ultimately you're dealing with a story about surviving abuse."

Ethan Hawke plays religious zealot and cult leader Arthur Harrow, who encourages Moon Knight to embrace his newfound powers.

"If you'd told me all those tones could work in one piece I wouldn't quite believe you," said Hawke. "It's genuinely scary sometimes, and then funny; other times it's heartfelt, and a serious drama. It's hard to go back and forth between tones like that but it really manages it. It allowed for a real character portrait for 'Moon Knight' himself, which is more reminiscent of the first 'Iron Man' where, you know, Robert Downey was really allowed to give a significant central performance inside a superhero movie, and that's what Oscar was allowed to do."

"Moon Knight" is airing now on Disney+.

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