4-year community college for high school students holds its 1st graduation ceremony in Moorpark

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Saturday, May 20, 2023
Community college for high school students holds its 1st graduation
A community college for high school students in Moorpark held its first graduation ceremony on Friday.

MOORPARK, Calif. (KABC) -- The high school at Moorpark College is pretty much bungalows.

Just over 100 students attend the school.

The bungalows are basically their home room. Their campus is all of Moorpark College.

With the pandemic behind them, the school will finally have a graduation ceremony.

However, the pandemic at this school turned out to be a great teaching tool.

"The worldwide pandemic has really allowed us to persevere. And taught us how to manage our time, get rid of procrastination and develop so many skills to be here today, the senior class of 2023," said senior Giselle Vialdovinos.

Thirty-three of the 35 graduates this year are headed to college. One is headed on a church mission and another will serve two years n the Singaporean Army.

All of them will receive their high school diploma tonight. Most have already earned at least 60 units of college credit. Which means they'll start college as juniors, not freshman..

"It helps financially, but I also get a leg up and get to apply for classes earlier because I have junior standing. I get to pick whatever I want," said graduating senior Ryan McCombs.

The high school started out only for 11th and 12th graders , but a few years ago the Moorpark Unified School District decided to admit freshman and sophomores as well.

Friday's graduating class will be the first to have gone all four years at the school.

"This is exactly what we strive for for our students to be ready for college. And these students have already demonstrated they're ready for college because they've taken successfully and passed college courses," said Moorpark Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Kelli Hayes.

The school's principal, Shirleen Oplustic, agreed and said the students are ready for graduation.

"It is just a celebration. The kids are so excited to be together. They're so excited to walk across that stage, to hear pomp and circumstance," said Oplustic.