Motorcyclist jumps over 60 Freeway in Moreno Valley, sparks investigation

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Motorcyclist jumps over 60 Fwy in Moreno Valley
Authorities are investigating after a motorcyclist was filmed jumping over the 60 Freeway near Moreno Valley.

MORENO VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- A daredevil on a motorcycle who jumped over the 60 Freeway near Moreno Valley has sparked an investigation by the California Highway Patrol.

Authorities said the dangerous stunt happened in an area known as the Badlands, just east of Moreno Valley. Video of the motorcyclist jumping across all four lanes of the active freeway has since gone viral.

"It certainly was shocking," Officer Darren Meyer with the California Highway Patrol said.

The CHP said whoever jumped the freeway didn't have a film permit. The motorcyclist could be charged with trespassing and reckless endangerment, both misdemeanors, according to officials.

"We have numerous crashes that have occurred on this stretch of roadway by people just avoiding tumbleweeds and wild animals, so a motorcyclist flying over the freeway could certainly be a huge distraction," Meyer explained. "It would take just merely a second for someone to slam on their brakes or to swerve and cause a huge crash."

The video was posted on the Instagram page of Kyle Katsandris, a motocross enthusiast from San Clemente. As soon as Caltrans saw the video, they sent crews out to completely block the trail in hopes that no would try the stunt again.

"It could have turned into a very tragic situation," Terri Kasinga with Caltrans said. "This guy could have crashed into another vehicle, a semi, and killed someone or hurt someone really bad."