Officers capture mountain lion seen roaming Southern California neighborhood

MONROVIA, Calif. (KABC) -- Neighbors say a big cat had been prowling the neighborhood for days -- a male mountain lion, who ended up getting himself cornered under a house by Monrovia Police.

"Everybody has been talking about. It finally got our part of the neighborhood," said Eryk Aguilar.

Pets and their owners nervously watched as officers with California Fish and Wildlife officers worked to capture the mountain lion, which was no easy feat considering the close conditions under the house.

"It was difficult. It was under a crawlspace with a lot of piping under there," said Amelia Viera with Fish and Wildlife.

Fish and Wildlife say the cat is malnourished and appears to have an injury to his neck, which my explain why he came down in the Monrovia neighborhood to feed.

"Depending how injured or sick they are, they tend to act differently than their normal behavior so that's why we take these lions seriously," Viera said.

Still photos showed a better view of the neck injury.

Fish and Wildlife will take the mountain lion to the vet for treatment.

Meanwhile, residents are breathing a sigh of relief.

"I feel bad for the cat but I'm glad that he is out and he won't be a danger to anybody else," said resident Maria Huerta.

Monrovia gets more than its share of wildlife, but even here a mountain lion hiding under a house is too close for comfort.

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