'Mr. Belvedere' cast members to hold Zoom reunion, with questions from fans, for fundraiser

The cast members from the hit 1980s sitcom "Mr. Belvedere" plan to reunite via Zoom to lift spirits, chat with fans and raise contributions for the Actors Fund.
LOS ANGELES -- It's a TV sitcom reunion 30 years in the making. During this tough time, the stars of "Mr. Belvedere" are getting together again, through Zoom, to have a little fun and to try to make a difference

"We're going to be talking about our favorite episodes. We'll talk about some of the fun things that happened," said co-star Ilene Graff. "We will be sharing our affection for the late Christopher Hewett who was, of course, Mr. Belvedere, who passed away in 2001."

Graff and her castmates know at this time in our world, fans love the nostalgia of reunions.

"It gives us a little continuity, I think and a little comfort in troubling times," said Graff. "We love seeing our old friends and I think especially from the older days when there weren't that many choices on TV and you really got to know the family and the people that you watched every week. "

This reunion will also give viewers the opportunity to donate to The Actors Fund, a nonprofit currently working overtime to get assistance to people in need who work in the entertainment community.

"We have distributed over $11 million in the past 10 weeks, which is many, many times more than what we usually distribute over a whole year," said Graff.

The reunion is Friday, May 29, at 5 p.m. PT on Zoom. Information about participating and asking the cast a question is available here.
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