We all scream for Ice Cream! Museum of Ice Cream opens permanent location in New York City

ByAmy Freeze Localish logo
Friday, December 27, 2019
Museum of Ice Cream opens permanent location in NYC
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Visitors are encouraged to interact, taste, and enjoy this sweet space. Not to mention this location in Soho has the BIGGEST Sprinkle Pool ever!

SOHO, New York City -- The Museum of Ice Cream NYC is like a dream come true for ice cream lovers! An imaginative experience bringing ice cream to life, the new permanent location of the Museum of Ice Cream NYC brings even more fun!

"It's been three years in the making. We built our first pop-up in 2016," said Mary Ellis Bunn, Founder of the Museum of Ice Cream. "When we left we had 2,000 people on our waitlist and I said - my god - we have to come back here and build something for the world!"

"The Pint Shop" was the temporary pop-up that consisted of one main room with a few installations inside.

The Museum of Ice Cream NYC is completely different - it features 13 never-before-seen installations and some of the most imaginative multi-sensory experiums to date. The new location will be permanent, they signed a 10-year lease in Soho and it's over 25,000 square feet with 3 floors.

Inside guests can find a 3-story slide, New York-inspired "Celestial Subway", giant hall of scoops, "Queen Beehive", and the biggest sprinkle pool to date! Additionally, they'll have a publicly accessible retail shop and cafe.

Eyewitness News' Amy Freeze got the full scoop at the Press Event ahead of the Grand Opening. "It is so magical - this place is like a dream!" said Freeze. "There are sprinkles everywhere!"

The Museum of Ice Cream NYC has started the experiential trend with dozens of copycats following suit. They've seen 1.6 million guests to date, across all 5 locations, and have plans to build more locations internationally and domestically in the next year.

"We wanted to build something responsive for the locals who are coming to visit and bringing all the little, different elements of the places into our experience," said Bunn. "An idea mixed with an idea of the imagination by putting it together, it can make these things that seem impossible truly come to life."

From a room full of bananas to stretchy ice cream, the Museum of Ice Cream NYC has something for everyone!