High school students create music program for underprivileged kids during the pandemic

LOS ANGELES -- Two high school students created a music program to provide much need support to underprivileged kids during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They host weekly virtual music lessons with a focus on emotional wellness.

"Music has just been so important in our lives," said Katheryn Williams, co-founder of Music for Milestones.

"Because of the focus of our program, and it being focused on wellness, we felt that doing it virtually during this pandemic made our program all the more valuable," said Charu Balamurugan, the program's co-founder. "Being able to provide a sense of normalcy, at least once a week, is really amazing doing that."

5 year-old Isabella Pizarro has participated in the music program since its inception. She's learning to play piano.

"Sometimes I'm mad or sad. I play the piano and then I feel calm and I express my feelings," said Pizarro.

Music for Milestones is one of several programs supported by the Dragon Kim Foundation. The foundation was co-founded by Grace Kim in honor of her son, Dragon, who was killed in a tragic accident.

"I think that Dragon would have loved it," said Kim. "One of the things he loved was music. And I think that he would've love us giving other children those opportunities.

For more details, or to support Music for Milestones, click HERE.