Natalie Wood's sister speaks out as decades-long death investigation continues

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Natalie Wood was a Hollywood legend and her death stunned the nation. Her sister Lana Wood said it remains painful to this day.

"What I really grieve for is what we can be now. I really need her now," Lana said.

In 1981, Wood's body was found in the waters off Catalina Island. Wood and her then-husband Robert Wagner were onboard his yacht, the Splendor, along with their friend and fellow actor Christopher Walken and Capt. Dennis Davern.

Witnesses who were on nearby boats heard a loud argument between Wood and Wagner, who friends called RJ. Davern described that fight to Lana.

"He said it sounded like furniture was being thrown. He said it was violent sounding and he was very concerned and RJ told him to go away," she said.

Detectives said Wagner and Wood went to the back of the boat and there was more screaming then it went quiet. Wagner said several years ago that Wood went out and "slipped on the swing step and hit her head."

Davern recalled a conversation he had with Wagner about Wood.

"I said to Robert Wagner, I said, you know, let's turn on the search light to see if we can see her, and he said, 'No, we don't want to do that right now,'" he said.

In a news conference held Monday morning, Los Angeles County sheriff's detectives said Wagner declines to be interviewed after the case was reopened and he has been labeled a person of interest.

"Yeah of course we'd like to talk to Robert Wagner. We'd like to hear his side, his version of events. I think the version of events he's portrayed in the media and what he's told investigators really don't add up to what we've found," Lt. John Corina said.

Lana said she hadn't spoken to Wagner in 20 years.

"I tried to talk to him last year and he looked me in the eye and said that he's cooperated with the police and he spoke with them. But he's not! I said why are you lying to me?" she said.

Lana started a GoFundMe account to remember her sister and also to fight for justice.
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