Native American Veterans find comfort together through their service, and in their culture

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Sunday, November 20, 2022
Native American Veterans celebrate their service
They have bonds that will connect them for life. Some veterans find comfort not only in their service, but also in their culture, through the "Native American Veterans Association."

SOUTH GATE (KABC) -- From on the ground to high above, these are the sights from the 20th annual "Native American Veterans Appreciation and Heritage Gathering Pow-Wow" in South Gate.

From drums, to dancing to arts and crafts to food, the Pow-Wow is a celebration of Native American culture.

The event is organized by the Native American Veterans Association, also known as NAVA, a nonprofit that offers help to all tribal and non-tribal veterans and their families.

"Native Americans play a very important role in our military," said Councilman Gil Hurtado with the City of South Gate.

Here, culture is shared through storytelling. It's an important healing aspect of the social and spiritual gathering.

"A lot of prayers go out to the veterans that are still in the fight and the ones that have passed. We're here for them for support," said Army veteran Keith H. Vielle.