New Burbank Ikea: Take a sneak peek at largest Ikea in America

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- The biggest Ikea in the United States is opening next week. Take a sneak peek at the brand new store in Burbank.

The new Ikea takes up 456,000 square feet, which is nearly twice the size of the old location. Crews broke ground for the new location in September 2015.

"The show room is about 50 percent bigger. The marketplace is about 50 percent bigger, but the self-serve warehouse is almost three times the size," said store manager Jeff O'Shaughnessy, comparing the new and old stores.

The new store will require 150 additional staff members and will have 1,700 parking spaces available.

"From a customer convenience standpoint, of course to have the ability to take your purchase straight to your car, and that's something that you can do here that you weren't able to do at our existing store," O'Shaughnessy said.

Though the décor will remain consistent with other Ikea locations, the new store will have 50 room settings, compared to 17 room settings in the old store, O'Shaughnessy said.

Hungry? The restaurant at the new Ikea will have 600 seats, O'Shaughnessy said.

The new store officially opens its doors 9 a.m. Wednesday Feb. 8.

O'Shaughnessy said the first 26 in line will receive a free leather sofa, the next 100 in line will receive a free chair and children will receive a free cushion.

The new store is located about a mile south of the current Ikea in Burbank, which will close for good on Saturday. It is set to be converted into an apartment complex with retail space.

Not everyone is excited about these changes. Some residents are concerned the projects will hurt Burbank's small town feel.
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