Newport Beach police hope to reunite stolen goods with rightful owners

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- The Newport Beach Police Department is seeking victims of a theft suspect accused of stealing a number of items from several homes in the area.

Purses, jewelry, bottles of wine, dozens of high-end watches and even a guitar are just some of the things Newport Beach police found after arresting 18-year-old Quinn Kasbar.

Police said Kasbar is facing charges for allegedly burglarizing multiple homes on the east side of town, including Jane German's.

"It's such an invasion. You know someone was in your home, and you don't know what they were doing in your home, it's terrible," she said.

Police on Friday displayed several of the stolen items for homeowners to look at and claim.

Luckily, German was reunited with a family heirloom: her mother's pearl earrings.

"They've been in the family for a long time, my dad gave them to her on an occasion many years ago, so it's sad," she said.

Detectives said the items displayed are just the tip of the iceberg from a prolific thief.

"There's probably over a couple $100,000 in initial loss that we recovered. Over the last week, we've been able to return most of that to the original owners. This is just stuff we haven't been able to identify," said Newport Beach PD Sgt. Josh Comte.

Raena Lu also spotted some of her priceless jewelry and couldn't thank officers enough.

Still, not everyone got so lucky. Stanley Troutman, a 101-year-old WWII veteran, is still looking for his watch.

"Came in and stole a real valuable watch I had that was given to me by Coach John Wooden after his first NCAA championship," Troutman said.

If you believe any of the items are yours and you have a police report, you're asked to call Newport Beach police at (949) 644-3765.
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