Service dog for Ontario boy with autism, cerebral palsy missing

ONTARIO, Calif. (KABC) -- A service dog belonging to an Ontario boy with autism and cerebral palsy has gone missing.

The Australian Shepherd, named Buck, helps 12-year-old Zion with his behavioral problems and the family wants him back.

Buck jumped their fence almost a month ago and has not been seen since. The family has put up fliers, but said they keep getting torn down.

Zion's mother got another dog for her son, but said it isn't the same.

"He's not just a dog. He's the comfort of my son and he's like a son to me. He means a lot to us. I can't stand that my son is constantly hurting and asking for him day to day and I don't have a response for him," she said.

Buck is tri-colored with one brown eye and one green eye. He had a tag that said "assisted dog," along with another tag containing his owner's name and number.
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