9 alleged members of Vagos biker gang arrested in SoCal amid nationwide sweep

MORENO VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- Nine alleged members of the Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang were arrested in Southern California on federal racketeering charges. Fourteen other alleged members were also arrested across the country in the same sweep.

The arrests came as a federal indictment was unsealed, charging 23 alleged members of the gang in a conspiracy involving racketeering, murder, robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault.

According to the Department of Justice, 22 of those charged were arrested, and investigators learned the lone remaining defendant died within the last few weeks.

The indictment alleges that the defendants conspired to participate in the affairs of the Vagos OMG, a transnational gang with approximately 87 or more chapters in at least seven countries, on four continents, and approximately 75 chapters in the U.S., including approximately 54 chapters in Nevada and California, authorities said.

Among other crimes, the indictment charges eight Vagos OMG leaders and members for the Sept. 23, 2011 murder of a member of the rival Hells Angels gang at the Nugget Hotel and Casino in Sparks, Nevada.

"Today, the rule of law dealt a serious blow to the Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, a so-called 'brotherhood' responsible for drug addiction, death and mayhem in multiple locations, including California, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon and Nevada," said Acting Assistant Attorney General Blanco in a DOJ press release.

Those arrested in Southern California were:

- Pastor Fausto Palafox, a/k/a "Ta Ta," 53, of Beaumont, Calif.;
- Albert Lopez, a/k/a "Al," 39, of Canyon Country, Calif.;
- James Patrick Gillespie, a/k/a "Jimbo," 68, of Granada Hills, Calif.;
- Andrew Eloy Lozano, a/k/a "Hulk," 42, of Fontana, Calif.;
- Paul Jeffrey Voll, a/k/a "Shyster," 52, of Pasadena, Calif.;
- John Joseph Siemer, a/k/a "Rocky," 60, of Baldwin Park, Calif.;
- Bradley Michael Campos, a/k/a "Candy Man," 50, of Alhambra, Calif.;
- John Chrispin Juarez, a/k/a "Quicky," 69, of Moreno Valley, Calif.
- Albert Benjamin Perez, a/k/a "Dragon Man," 57, of Santa Barbara, Calif.;

Others arrested in California were:

- Ernesto Manuel Gonzalez, a/k/a "Romeo," of San Francisco;
- Cesar Vaquera Morales, a/k/a "C," 49, of San Jose, Calif.;
- Diego Chavez Garcia, a/k/a "Boo," 34, of San Jose, Calif.;

The rest were arrested in Nevada and Hawaii:

- Victor Adam Ramirez, a/k/a "Slick," 35, of Las Vegas;
- James Walter Henderson, a/k/a "CJ," 64, of Henderson, Nev.;
- Steven Earl Carr, a/k/a "Big Steve," 43, of Las Vegas;
- Robert Allen Coleman, a/k/a "Mayhem," 59, of Las Vegas;
- Jeremy John Halgat, a/k/a "Maniak," 39, of North Las Vegas, Nev.;
- Edward Claridan Chelby, a/k/a "Recon," 57, of Kailua, Hawaii;
- Johnny Russell Neddenriep, a/k/a "Johnny Bolts," 51, of Reno, Nev.;
- Darin Kieth Grieder, a/k/a "Midget," 48, of Sparks, Nev.;
- Bert Wayne Davisson, a/k/a "Flash," 45, of Sparks, Nev.;
- Mathew Keith Dunlap, a/k/a "Big Mat," 46, of Sparks, Nev.,
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