American Airlines flight to Chicago diverted for unruly passenger

INDIANAPOLIS (KABC) -- American Airlines Flight 1284 from Miami to Chicago was diverted to Indianapolis Monday afternoon because of an unruly passenger on board.

Los Angeles resident Jim Saviano was on the flight and recorded video of the female passenger being removed from the plane.

Saviano says the pilot announced very loudly he needed large male volunteers to restrain a passenger.

According to Saviano, the female passenger hit another passenger, then kissed and punched a flight attendant.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority said the woman was restrained and moved to the rear of the plane until the plane landed.

"During this process, she struck a flight attendant and also a passenger. Airport police boarded the plane and took the woman into custody," the Indianapolis Airport Authority said in a statement. "During the arrest, she kicked an airport police officer."

The woman is facing several charges including battery with injury, criminal recklessness, disorderly conduct and disrupting the operation of an aircraft.

The flight resumed to Chicago after an approximately 90-minute delay.
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