FBI warning about possible hacking of elections systems

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Los Angeles officials say they are taking every precaution to protect their systems after the FBI warned about foreign hackers targeting elections systems. (KABC)

The FBI is warning elections officials to increase their cybersecurity after voting systems in two states were hacked.

Foreign-based hackers are believed to have breached election databases in Arizona and Illinois.

The federal alert warns of possible future cyber intrusions by Russian hackers who have already gotten into the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign systems.

Los Angeles County Registrar Dean Logan said his office is taking every precaution to protect voter database information.

In a worst-case scenario for voters, he said, hackers would change voter information - meaning residents would have to use a provisional ballot to cast their votes. They could also steal a person's data, similar to a credit card breach.

There is also growing concern that hackers could try to target electronic voting machines and the computer systems they use.

This November, 80 percent of Americans will vote on a paper ballot or a machine with a paper trail - eliminating any concern about electronically-tampered votes.

Logan said that is the case in California and officials across the state are doing everything they can to ensure the systems are safe.

"We don't want voters to be alarmed about the integrity and the validity of their votes coming up in November and we want them to know we're taking the appropriate steps to protect their personal data on the voter registration side," Logan said.
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