Large tree topples over Costa Mesa apartment complex

COSTA MESA, Calif. (KABC) -- A large tree toppled over a Costa Mesa apartment Monday, causing a roof to collapse and residents to evacuate, said fire authorities.

Evacuations at Pinecreek Village Apartments on Adams Avenue were completed after a 65-foot pine tree with a shallow root base landed on the structure around 10:30 a.m., according to Costa Mesa Fire Department officials.

Authorities said no one was hurt but a resident who was home in the top unit was fortunate to escape injury.

"That tree did come down in the kitchen and a portion of his sofa area there. If he was in that area, it could have been more tragic," said Deputy Chief Fred Seguin of the Costa Mesa Fire Department.

The man was sitting in his apartment when a large tree came crashing down onto the building.

"It just sounded like a sonic boom and the building shook," said Dea Scott, an evacuee at the eight-unit complex. Within minutes, firefighters arrived at her door.

Police red-tagged four of the units due to unsafe living conditions and as many as 10 people from those apartments will have to find another place to stay.

What caused the tree to topple is still not known, but some wondered if it was a combination of the drought, recent rain and a shallow root system.

"I started checking all the trees around my own apartment," said William Nolan, a resident of the complex. "A lot of them are very big and old and have been here a very long time."
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