SCAM ALERT: Fake coupons for Disneyland circulating on Facebook

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) -- An enticing offer is circulating on Facebook. At first glance, it appears to be a coupon for four free tickets to Disneyland.

The offer claims to be valid until Feb. 25, but it's really just a scam.

"This type of scam, and that's what it is, people have been trying to pull over on Disneyland and on Disneyland lovers for at least five years," said David Koenig, who has written several books about the theme park.

Koenig said taking a closer look at the coupon will reveal some tell-tale signs that it's fake.

"There are misspelled words", explained Koenig. "It's supposedly four free tickets to Disneyland, but all the restaurants it mentions are in Disney World in Florida."

Koenig said the scammers are typically trying to get personal information, such as home phone numbers, Social Security numbers or anything they can use for nefarious purposes.

Disneyland officials said so far they've received only a handful of inquiries about the coupon.

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