Thieves steal dozen 3D printers from Air Wolf 3D in Costa Mesa

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Surveillance footage captured suspects entering Air Wolf 3D in Costa Mesa and stealing a dozen 3D printers.

Security video shows a large van backing up then slamming into a back roll-up door at Air Wolf 3D, a family owned company that makes 3D printers in Costa Mesa.

The crime happened at 6 a.m. on Sunday. One suspect was seen wearing camouflage, a mask and what appeared to be a bullet proof vest.

The suspects can be heard rummaging around inside for two and a half minutes.

A quality control camera inside one of 3D printers captured three voices, two men and a woman, according to Airwolf 3D CEO Eva Wolf.

"She's like these are the ones, no not over there, come here we want these. Take these load them now," Wolf said as she described the female suspect's commands to the other two.

Wolf said 12 printers worth about $60,000 were stolen.

"They print a lot of different materials, more so than a regular printer," Wolf explained. "These will print anywhere from nylons to polycarbonates."

The unique printers were about to be shipped to schools across the U.S.

"Whoever took these printers knows how to use them," Wolf said. "They know how to maintain them. We suspect they're using them to manufacture who knows what."

Wolf said the printers' serial numbers will make it tough for the suspects to sell. She hopes someone can identify the burglars, and most of all, have the printers returned.

"We really just want to get them back to the students right now," she said.

Wolf said her company would make sure the students receive their 3D printers, but the loss has set the company's production back about a week.

According to Wolf, this was the second break-in at the company. During the first break-in, which happened last summer, suspects stole similar printers. Those suspects have yet to be caught.

Since Sunday's burglary, Wolf said they've added more cameras and extra security to try to prevent it from happening again.
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