Family of man shot and killed by LA deputies in Norwalk plead for deputies to be prosecuted

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Friday, January 13, 2023
Family of man shot and killed by LA deputies want deputies prosecuted
The family of a man who was shot and killed by deputies in 2021 in Norwalk is pleading for the deputies to be prosecuted.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A family's loved one 28-year-old Frederick Holder was shot and killed by Los Angeles County deputies in Norwalk in 2021. Records from this past December show the district attorney's office will not prosecute the deputies involved, finding they lawfully acted in self-defense. The Holder family now wants the D.A.'s office to reverse the decision.

"It's unfair that the police officers aren't being held accountable for what they did. They shot my son's face off, they shot his teeth off. He was unrecognizable," said April Holder, Frederick's mother.

In June 2021, deputies attempted to stop Holder from driving recklessly in this box truck. According to the sheriff's department, when deputies approached the truck they believed Holder was pointing a handgun at them and that's when deputies opened fire. Officials said Holder suffered 11 gunshot wounds and died at the scene. The sheriff's department said it was later discovered Holder stole the truck and that an object resembling a handgun was discovered at the scene.

That object turned out to be an L-shaped lighter.

"it's pretty depressing. I am in a lot of rage behind it. I am trying to find peace within the justice system," said April Holder, Frederick's sister.

In a letter addressed to Gascon, the family is also asking him to request California Attorney General Rob Bonta investigate and prosecute the deputies involved in the shooting of an unarmed civilian.

"Hopefully with the details and the grief from the family, my family, they'll take it into consideration. And hopefully really want to change the justice system, for themselves as well," said April.

The district attorney's office released the following statement:

"There is nothing that we can do to repair the harm caused when a loved one is taken from you. We have nothing but empathy for the family and friends of Mr. Holder. We did a thorough investigation and a thoughtful analysis of the law and the available evidence. Nevertheless, as with any officer-involved shooting where we believe there is insufficient evidence to file criminal charges, we welcome a second review by the Attorney General's office and will provide them with all investigative documents in our possession upon request. We hope the family finds the peace they deserve."

The sheriff's department released the following statement:

Any loss of life is tragic, and our hearts go out to the family of Mr. Frederick Holder.

This deputy-involved shooting was reviewed by the District Attorney's Office-Justice System Integrity Division, and we have been notified that the District Attorney's Office has declined to file criminal charges, based on its conclusion that the deputies acted in lawful self-defense and defense of a third party. The matter is currently under administrative review by our Department. Once completed, the Department will evaluate the actions of the personnel within the application of policies, procedures, and tactics. Accordingly, further details of that administrative review cannot be provided until it is completed. However, Sheriff Luna is open to coordinating a meeting with Mr. Holder's family.

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