Shocking secrets, terrifying twists, movie magic fills prequel 'Orphan: First Kill'

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Thursday, August 18, 2022
Horror prequel 'Orphan: First Kill' has more twists, thrills
Horror prequel "Orphan: First Kill" has new twists and turns. It also features the original actress playing evil Esther. The cast and crew used lots of movie magic to make young adult actress Isabelle Fuhrman look like a child.

HOLLYWOOD -- In 2009, we met a little girl named Esther in the thriller, "Orphan." The twist back then - this killer kid, living with a new family, was actually an adult with a rare condition that stopped her from aging. But that didn't stop her from killing.

Now 13 years later, we see where it all began in the prequel, "Orphan: First Kill." When a patient escapes from an Estonian psychiatric facility, she pretends to be Esther, the missing child of an American family. Now believed to be found, she begins a new life. Because of the first film, we know she's not a kid. But this movie has a new, shocking secret! And that secret is the reason actress Julia Stiles signed up for the role.

"I mean, the first movie is great and also has a great twist. But I think what we delight in in this film is that now we're in on the first secret. And we get to see Esther trick another family. But you're wondering how much longer is she gonna get away with it?" Stiles said.

"I was skeptical when I read the script. I was excited because I was a fan of the original. But I was skeptical because that was, like, the first film had a great twist. And, you know, it's gonna be hard to top that or to match that. And then I was really so pleasantly surprised when I read it," said director William Brent Bell.

"I'm such a wimp that I can't stomach horror movies," admitted Stiles. "And I think the world is scary enough. I don't want to - I don't need any more of that. So the fact that I was so hooked into this film says a lot. The script was so good."

And while Esther is up to no good...she best be careful herself!

"This is like, Esther has definitely met her match!" Stiles said.

By the way, 13 years after the original, little Esther is once again being played by the same actress. Bell said yes, they did have to use some movie magic to make Isabelle Fuhrman look 11 when she's now 25.

"Lighting, lenses, camera positions, forced perspective, body doubles. I mean, every trick we could do, we did in this movie," said Bell.

"And when I saw the final edit of the movie, I was, like, 'Oh my goodness! She looks like an 11-year-old. That's crazy!'" Stiles said.

"Orphan: First Kill" is rated R. It's in theaters, on demand and on Paramount+ beginning Friday.