Outreach organization on a mission to help get those experiencing homelessness off the streets, into homes

'It's a motivator for me to go out there and actually get somebody housed.' Outreach organization helps move people from encampments into homes.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The non-profit organization The People Concern has a mission - to get the homeless off the streets. Staff and volunteers of the outreach organization recently moved more than 30 people out of encampments in the Mid-City area and into homes.

"It's a motivator for me to go out there and actually get somebody housed, it's a rewarding experience," said Jose Torres, a case manager.

MORE: Project Homekey turns hotels into housing to help the homeless
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With $600 million in state and federal emergency funds, Project Homekey allowed L.A. County to purchase 10 hotels that will eventually become permanent housing for those experiencing homelessness.

The outreach team says that Los Angeles has the largest unsheltered homeless population in the country: 66,000 and counting. The crisis is even more concerning amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"You know they actually, some think they're immune to it, because of where they're at," said Torres. "However we do run across some who are sick and we try to connect them to quarantine sites and soon as possible."

"Our teams on the streets are actually working to connect people experiencing homelessness to COVID vaccines and that effort is rolling out countywide because the teams have relationships with these individuals," said John Maceri, CEO of The People Concern.

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Redondo Beach is setting up a community of tiny Pallet homes to help get the homeless off the streets as they transition to permanent housing.

MORE: Chronic homelessness in LA County expected to skyrocket in next 4 years
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A new economic forecast is pointing toward a distressing increase in homelessness across the state of California and especially in Los Angeles County.

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