Here's what to avoid and protect your phone from overheating

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Phone overheating? Stop doing these 3 things
Phone overheating? Stop doing these 3 things

This has probably happened to you. You try to use your phone while sitting outside, but you can't because it's too hot.

If that keeps happening, it could cause permanent damage.

"If your phone gets too hot there could be damage to your battery or your sim card," CNET Tech Reporter Abrar Al-Heeti said. "Sometimes, it can be less of an intense reaction. Sometimes, it's just your phone kind of slows down or stops charging if you're charging it -- just to protect itself."

Here are three things to keep in mind when it comes to your phone.

1. It only takes a few minutes of direct sunlight for your phone to overheat. You can help protect it by keeping it in the shade or in your bag when you're not using it.

2. You also shouldn't leave your phone in the car. If it's hot enough to bake cookies, it's definitely too hot for electronics.

3. It's not just the outdoors you need to worry about. Your device is also at risk if you use it while it's charging.

"Even when you're charging your phone, it's a good idea not to use very intense things like a big mobile video game or streaming Netflix or Hulu while your phone is charging," Al-Heeti explained. "Leave it to charge, then you can come to your favorite show after that."

Al-Heeti also recommends not buying the cheapest charger you can find online. Using a quality charger, and keeping your software up to date, can also help prevent issues.

The same goes for your small devices, such as tablets, smartwatches and ear buds.

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