Tight fit: Robot that parks cars in small spots introduced at CES in Las Vegas

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Thursday, January 11, 2024
Meet Parkie - the robot that can park your car in a tight spot
Tight fit: Parkie the robot can lift, rotate and move a car into a spot too narrow for a human driver.

LAS VEGAS (KABC) -- Parking in tight spots can be a nightmare, but what if there was a robot that could do it for you?

Parkie the robot was introduced at CES 2024 - the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. It was one of just a handful of products to win the show's 2024 Best Innovation Award.

HL Mando, a South Korean company, designed Parkie to slide under a car, lift and rotate it, then fit it into a spot so tight the vehicle's door couldn't open.

Drivers would get out of the vehicles first and then let the autonomous robot take over.

For now the company is marketing its invention to owners of large buildings and parking facilities, rather than individual drivers, allowing them to design lots with more spaces on a smaller footprint by packing them closer together.