Paul Reiser debuts new comedy 'The Problem with People' at annual DTLA Film Festival

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Thursday, November 2, 2023
New movie 'The Problem with People' plays at annual DTLA Film Festival
Paul Reiser's latest big screen project, "The Problem with People," is debuting at the DTLA Film Festival. In the film, Reiser plays a New Yorker invited to Ireland by a cousin he's never met to help end a family dispute.

HOLLYWOOD -- This is the 15th year of the annual DTLA Film Festival, which highlights independent cinema.

Among this year's offerings are 15 feature films, all making their L.A., West Coast, U.S. or world premieres.

One of those films features a very familiar face. Paul Reiser started making a name for himself in the '80s in films including "Diner," "Beverly Hills Cop" and "Aliens."

Then came TV, first with "My Two Dads," then "Mad About You" and now "Stranger Things."

You can get an early look at his latest big screen project Thursday night: "The Problem with People."

In the film, Reiser plays a New York builder invited to Ireland by a cousin whom he's never met to help end a family dispute he knows very little about. It's the dying wish of his cousin's father.

"It's all really relatable because at the heart of this movie is two guys with the best of intentions," said Reiser. "These are good guys who come together to bury the hatchet of a family feud that they had nothing to do with."

When Reiser's character is unexpectedly left in the old man's will, his cousin, played by Colm Meaney, does something that helps start a new family feud.

"As good as their intentions are, they trip all over themselves because that's why it's called 'The Problem With People,' because what is wrong with us?" Reiser said. "There's a lot of blunt language and there's a lot of heart and, yeah, that's a combination I like. These are honest people. They're saying it as it is but they're well-intended."

Reiser co-wrote the movie and is one of the film's producers. He also learned he had a fun connection to Jane Levy, who plays his daughter.

"I grew up with her dad. We had a rock band. I played keyboards. He played guitar. We were 12. We were very popular in a two-block radius," laughed Reiser.