Professional carver shares steps for engraving intricate pumpkin designs

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- From sonograms to sports team logos, professional pumpkin carver Paulina Goff can transform average jack-o-lanterns into works of art. Her passion for pumpkins stems from family Halloween traditions.

"Every year, my mom would have us all carve pumpkins, and truly she's my biggest inspiration because most of my memories are of pumpkins that she carved," said Goff.

After taking an opportunity to carve at an event, Goff realized the possibility of professional carving and soon after opened her business, Pumpkins by Paulina.

"I define my pumpkins in two ways," explained Goff. "The engraved pumpkins are more like a surface carving, and they're great because they display really well during daytime and they preserve for a really long time."

"The gutted pumpkins are more like your sculpted pumpkins, they go all the way through. You gut the whole inside," Goff added. "Those are great for nighttime events."

Watch and follow along as Paulina shares the process for carving any intricate design of your choice!

For more information about Pumpkins by Paulina, visit here.