Grammy-winning singer Pepe Aguilar kicking off new tour in SoCal

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Thursday, February 15, 2024
Singer Pepe Aguilar kicking off new tour in SoCal
Music superstar Pepe Aguilar is saying thank you to loyal fans with a new tour that kicks off in Anaheim.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Pepe Aguilar is a superstar in the world of music. He first took the stage at Madison Square Garden when he was only three years old, joining his famous father, the legendary Antonio Aguilar.

Today, Pepe is 55, with a solo career that has lasted 35 years so far.

He is now celebrating a new tour and new music. "Hasta Que Me Duermo," or "Until I Fall I Asleep," is one of the newest songs from this multiple Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and producer with 33 albums to his credit.

Aguilar says every new album is a new challenge, a new opportunity and a new story. This one goes deeper.

"It's about survival now, also. It's not only about living your dream. It's about showing that you can adapt and grow," said Aguilar. "I'm just going to evolve being loyal to my principles and my values, musically speaking."

He may sing in Spanish but he believes music can transcend worlds.

"Music speaks the language of feelings, OK? And feelings are a universal human feature," said Aguilar.

Aguilar is especially proud of his culture. "Right now, I am obsessed with Mexico. I am obsessed with showing everything that I know you guys are going to love, you haven't seen."

And that will be part of his new 20-city tour: a family affair featuring two of his children and his brother.

"Right now, I believe that Mexican culture, it's everywhere. Everybody's looking at it, accepting it, and admiring it. And we're just getting started!" said Aguilar.

Whether it is a concert, an album or a music video, Mexican music is at the core of Pepe's legacy. And his fans have stayed loyal over all these years.

"I just thank my lucky stars and feel blessed because of that because I do have fans that have followed me for 30+ years," said Aguilar.

The new concert tour kicks off March 29 with two nights at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Then he'll be at LA's Arena in July.