Nest egg looking light? Here's how to sharpen your retirement planning

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Tuesday, September 5, 2023
Financial expert offers advice on how to catch up on retirement saving
It's not too late to save for retirement - here are tips from an expert.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Three in four Americans say they have financial regrets, according to a recent Bankrate survey.

And the biggest one is not saving enough for retirement, especially for baby boomers.

But better late, than never.

7 On Your Side is offering some advice for what to do if there's not enough in your nest egg.

Bankrate senior economy analyst Mark Hamrick says the traditional expectations for how much you need when you retire have changed over the years.

"We can think back maybe a half century ago that retirement at age 65 was thought of as sort of a no-brainer - but the way that the population is aging, the fact that we have higher costs as we live longer, it means that we need that money not only to last until the day we retire but until the day frankly we are no longer on the planet," Hamrick says.

Many baby boomers may need to keep clocking in hours past 65 if they don't have enough cash stashed away.

If you don't want to keep working full-time, you could take part in the gig economy, such as driving for rideshares.

He also suggests taking a hard look at your budget, to see what you can cut.

Depending on how far off you are from your retirement goals, you may even want to consider moving somewhere with a lower cost of living.

As for younger generations, the same survey found their biggest regrets were credit card debt, and not having enough saved for emergencies.

Our economic analyst recommends not letting FOMO (fear of missing out) pressure you into spending more than you have.

And aim to save up three to six months' worth of expenses.

He also says you don't need to have twice your salary saved by age 35, but it's not a bad goal to have.

His other big suggestion: Do not take money out of your 401(k).