Los Angeles Zoo welcomes new baby animals

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Baby animals have taken over the Los Angeles Zoo, and they are ready for their close-up!

Two endangered Chacoan peccary piglets and two Sichuan Takin calves are now available for viewing at the zoo.

The Chacoan peccary piglets were born at the zoo on April 4, while the Sichuan Takin calves were born just last month.

"The Zoo does tend to see a rise in animal babies each spring, but there is a lot more thought and careful planning that goes into the process than one might think," Los Angeles Zoo general curator Beth Schaefer said in a release.

The LA Zoo works with the Chaco Center for the Conservation and Research, a conservation project for the Chacoan peccary piglet whose population is primarily found in Paraguay and Bolivia, but has decreased due to habitat loss and hunting.

The Sichuan Takin calves are goat-antelopes from China, where they face threats of overhunting, habitat loss and fragmentation, despite being protected by law there.

The zoo also has seven new Peninsular pronghorn fawns that are still bonding with their mothers behind the scenes at the zoo.

Schaefer said it's important to remember the role each of these animals play as they grow into adults.

"These babies are so much more than just cute," said Schaefer. "They represent the future of their species, and we're proud to be able to share their journey with Angelenos and help educate our guests about the incredible biodiversity in our world."
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