Whales swimming in Long Beach Harbor for over 1 month is unusual behavior, experts say

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Up to five whales were spotted swimming in the Long Beach Harbor Friday. Though it was a spectacular sight, the pod's behavior is making experts concerned.

Capt. Dan Salas with Harbor Breeze Cruises said during this phase of the migration, whales usually stay around the area for a couple days and head up north.

But this year, Salas said he's noticed that the gray whales are sticking around the area for well over a month. They've been actively feeding near the Port of Los Angeles. Salas clarified that during migration, the whales typically do not feed at all.

Salas said he and his team do not know the exact reason for the whales' behavior, but he has noticed that the whales he's seen recently have been slimmer than usual.

Meantime, a dead whale washed ashore in Playa Vista on Friday. Dead dolphins were also seen washing up along the shore as well.
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