191 dogs rescued from San Bernardino County hoarder up for adoption

DEVORE, Calif. (KABC) -- San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control officers rescued 191 dogs from an animal hoarder last week.

"This is very nuts. The shelter has never had this many animals in it," said Doug Smith, supervising animal control officer for San Bernardino County.

The dogs were found in a condemned building in the high desert. Their owner has not been identified, but the case is being called one of the largest hoarding cases in recent memory in San Bernardino County.

"We have everything from Weimaraners, to Cocker Spaniels, to Chihuahuas, to Pomeranians, to Mastiffs, you name it," said Brian Cronin, chief of San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control.

The dogs were transferred to different shelters in San Bernardino County where they are receiving medical attention and grooming. Only one of the 191 dogs found had to be put down, but all of them were in pretty bad shape.

Pam Morrissey of Cutie Pies Grooming Salon, located in Redlands, said one of the dogs "had about three or four inches of hair."

"It was pretty matted. It had feces all over, dreadlocked on it," she said.

People like Anthony Miley of Highland are lining up at the Devore Animal Shelter to rescue the dogs.

Animal control officials say the dogs will be up for adoption as soon as their investigation concludes and the dogs are no longer considered evidence.

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